• International Usage: In most countries outside of North America, “football” refers to the sport known as soccer in the United States and Canada. It is a team sport played with a round ball between two teams of 11 players each. The objective is to score goals by getting the ball into the opposing team’s net.
    • Variants: There are different codes of football, such as association football (soccer), rugby football, and American and Canadian football. The rules and playing styles can vary significantly between these codes.
  • Usage in North America: In the United States and Canada, the term “soccer” is used to specifically refer to the sport that is globally known as football. This distinction is made to avoid confusion with American and Canadian football, which are popular sports in North America.
    • International Understanding: While “soccer” is primarily used in North America, people from other parts of the world may refer to the same sport as “football.”

In the conclusion the key difference is the regional terminology. “Football” is the widely accepted term for the sport played with a round ball in most countries, while “soccer” is a term used mainly in North America to differentiate the sport from American and Canadian football.


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